The Little Kids, Big Hearts Podcast

Little Kids, Big Hearts is a podcast that can help parents and educators introduce big topics in social and emotional learning to their children. The podcast, which is hosted by an early childhood educator, explores what it means to have a big heart and how to grow one with episodes focused on identity, friendship, and standing up for others.

Our Latest Episode: How to Stand Up

What would YOU do if someone was picking on a friend?  

Join Todd, Cora, Riya, and Simon to explore what you can do to become an upstander in your school and community.  We all have the power to use our voices for good and to stand up for ourselves and others! 

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After listening, use our discussion guide to keep the conversation going in your home or classroom: Discussion Guide for parents/caregivers and educators (English)Guía de Debate para Padres y Educadores (Español)

Little Kids, Big Hearts Trailer

What's in Your Heart?

What Makes YOU Special?

What Can You Do With Big Feelings?

What Makes a Good Friend?

What is Empathy?

Let's Work It Out!

Bonus Episode: A Back to School Like No Other

How to Help

How to Stand Up

Discussion Guide for Families and Educators

Listen and discuss the Little Kids, Big Hearts podcast with children (aged 3-8)  to explore what it means to have a “big heart.” You can use the podcast to support social and emotional learning and spark conversations at your home or in your classroom.

What Listeners are Saying

The Best Adult-Kid Podcast! Hats off to Sparkler and Todd for creating a truly authentic podcast that my entire family— kids and adults together really enjoy. The careful way in which Todd brings in real children’s voices — and the sense of wonder they add — is so special!
Big Hearts! This podcast is fresh, fun, informative and made from love. Kids do have a lot to say. Their contributions should be valued. Thank you for providing us with opportunities to listen to sweet and strong little voices!!
Joyful! This podcast is filled with life and joy. My almost-4-year-old, who is new to podcasts, sat, rapt, for the full recording! We love to hear from the kids on the show and how the host, Todd, responds to their thoughts and feelings. Can’t wait for the next one!
Simply Fantastic! I wish I could give this podcast 10 stars! My children and I thoroughly enjoyed and can’t wait for another episode. Todd is so gifted at discussing tough topics in age appropriate and entertaining ways...LOVE MANGO!! Bravo!!
I LOVE this podcast! As a clinical social worker I particularly appreciate Todd’s approach, mindful of social-emotional needs and empowering kids to share big feelings... bravo and thank you! Am sharing this.

"Hi" from the Host

The host of Little Kids, Big Hearts, Todd Loyd, has worked in education for 26 years. Todd started his career as an actor, director, and artistic director. He became a teacher after the life-changing experience of working one-on-one with a child living with autism. He currently teaches in New York City, where he also serves as the Social and Emotional Learning Coordinator for the Early Childhood Division. “Children can experience the same kinds of crazy-mixed-up-scrambled-egg emotions and feelings as the adults in their lives,” says Todd. “It has never been more important than it is this year, to help and support children in identifying and expressing what they are thinking and how they are feeling.” Todd holds an M.S in Early Childhood & Special Education. He’s pictured here with his friend Rayas!

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