Big Heart World: Highlights for Educators

Educators can find content across this website that you can use with the students in your classroom. The guide for educators, which you can download below, has a summary, and here’s a quick link list to help you navigate this site:  

  1. What is Big Heart World? — This section includes information about each unit that is part of the nine-month initiative.
  2. Big Heart Beats Album — Each month, Noggin releases a new music video that explores big social and emotional learning ideas, from identity to citizenship.
  3. Little Kids, Big Hearts — An original podcast for kids (aged 3-8) and their grown-ups, in which an early childhood educator talks to children about topics in social and emotional learning. Listen, use our discussion guides, and talk with your students about issues in social and emotional learning. 
  4. Off-screen play and learning activities — Play activities from Big Heart World and our partners to help children grow big hearts in creative ways. These activities can be used in classrooms or homes.  Filter by skill or age to find what you need!
  5. Books to spark big-hearted conversations. Lists are created by our partners, School Library Journal and First Book.

Big Heart World: Guide for Educators

Each month of the Big Heart World initiative, we will share a guide for educators, which will enable educators to use songs from the Big Heart Beats album and other content that is part of the initiative in schools and classrooms. We welcome educators to share the Parent Guide, in English and Spanish, which is also produced each month of the initiative, with their students’ families, so that families can extend the learning beyond the classroom. 

Do you have ideas about how we could make Big Heart World a useful resource for educators like you? We want to make this a useful resource for YOU. Please email us at We’d love to learn about your needs and see if we can help. 

Explore Past Big Heart World Educator Guides

Download the July Educator Guide about friendship here. 

Download the June Educator Guide about similarities and differences here. 

Download the May Educator Guide about feelings here.

Download the April Educator Guide on identity and belonging here.