Grow Big Hearts With Big Heart World

Find FREE tools and resources that you can use to support your students’ social and emotional development. We provide songs, activities, and discussion guides that you can use with children in the classroom, as well as content you can use to engage families. 

SEL Resources for Educators

Books to build SEL skills, recommended by our friends at SLJ and First Book.
Big Heart Beats Album playlist + discussion guides and lesson plans.
Play-based learning activities from Big Heart World & partners for SEL lessons.
Little Kids, Big Hearts podcast & guides that help use the podcast for instruction.
Creative workbooks for students to color and explore "self," "others," and "relationships."
Incorporate big heart vocabulary into your instruction.
Share with Home
A playlist of parent engagement materials related to SEL.

Social and Emotional Themes

Identity & Belonging

Our identity makes us who we are. This includes our skills, passions, preferences, physical traits, culture, and language.

Learn more about unit 1.


Identifying emotions and managing them helps us build relationships and overcome challenges.

Learn more about unit 2.

Similarities & Differences

Recognizing similarities and differences helps us appreciate that we have a lot in common and that everyone is unique.

Learn more about Unit 3.


Interacting with others and treating them with kindness helps us form strong relationships.

Learn more about unit 4.


Walking in others’ shoes helps us understand others and form stronger relationships with them.

Learn more about unit 5.

Problem Solving
Problem Solving

Sharing, listening to others, solving problems together, and taking turns helps us collaborate with others.

Learn more about unit 6.


Being kind, fair, and helping others helps us become great friends, neighbors, and community members.


When we see something wrong, we can learn to stand up for what’s right. Learning to stand up will help children grow up to be change-makers.

Global Citizenship
Global Citizenship

Each of us is part of a BIG world: together, we can make the world a better, kinder place. 

Big Heart World: Guide for Educators

Each month of the Big Heart World initiative, we share a guide for educators, which will enable educators to use songs from the Big Heart Beats album and other content that is part of the initiative in schools and classrooms. We welcome educators to share the Parent Guide, in English and Spanish, which is also produced each month of the initiative, with their students’ families, so that families can extend the learning beyond the classroom. 

Do you have ideas about how we could make Big Heart World a useful resource for educators like you? We want to make this a useful resource for YOU. Please email us at We’d love to learn about your needs and see if we can help. 

Explore Past Big Heart World Educator Guides

Do you have ideas about how we could make Big Heart World more useful for educators like you? We want to make this work for YOU and the students you serve. Please email us at with your ideas — we’d love to learn about your needs and see if we can help.

SEL Trouble Shooting (Coming Soon!)

Calming Down
Making Friends