Big Heart Beats Music Videos & More

Noggin released eight new music videos to to help families explore feelings, friendship and other "big heart" themes. Click to watch the videos, read interviews with the artists, and find games to play along with the songs!

Big Heart Beats Learning Guide for Parents and Educators

Big Heart World draws upon best practices for social and emotional learning and standards, such as CASEL and the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework, to help families learn together about social and emotional skills — what it means to have a big heart and how to grow one. 

Each Big Heart unit has an original music video which helps reinforce the theme. The songs, together, are called The Big Heart Beats Album. They are available for free here! 

This guide helps you learn how to use the songs — at home or at school — to help students learn about social and emotional skills, from feelings to friendship to upstanding!


Sing and Dance to Grow a Big Hearted Kid!

Listen to the 11 songs of Noggin's Big Heart Beats Album here or wherever you listen to your favorite songs. Watch the music videos and explore behind the lyrics below!

“I Love Myself” by Cal Shapiro

Learn about Self

Like Nobody Else” by Alex Geringas and William J. Fuller

Learn about Identity and Belonging

Share a Smile” by Mireya Ramos and Shae Fiol, performed by Flor De Toloache

Learn about Citizenship

“The Sad Song” by Ryan & Courtney Lofty

Learn about Feelings

Helping Others” by Harris Paseltiner, Donald Mitchell, David Senft, Auyon Mukharji, Performed by Darlingside

Learn about Helping

How You Feel” by Chris Sernel, Grayson DeWolfe

Learn about Feelings

A Friend Like You” by Mike Himelstein and Doug Petty 

Learn about Friendship

Up Up Up” by Gabe Sokoloff, Performed by Ty Taylor, Carmel Echols, and Gabe Sokoloff

Learn about Upstanding

Help Work It Out” by Gabe Sokoloff, Performed by Carmel Echols and Gabe Sokoloff

Learn about Problem Solving

Celebrate Our Difference” by Chris Sernel, Grayson DeWolfe, Matt Richert, Performed by Alex Hairston

Learn about Similarities and Differences

“Use My Ears to Listen” by Stacee Coleman, Adam Boukin, and Jenny Jones, Performed by Willow Stephens

Learn about Empathy

Stream the Big Heart Beats Album on Spotify