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More From Global Kids: Little Kids, Big Hearts

Little Kids, Big Hearts podcast released a new two-part episode on global citizenship. We talk with big hearted kids from around the world to learn about their experiences and points of view. They might eat different foods for breakfast — but there is SO MUCH that they share from a passion for swimming to similar experiences during the global pandemic. Now on AppleSpotify, our website, or wherever you find podcasts!

Partnering to Elevate Kids' Voices from Around the World

This project is in collaboration between the team that created the Big Heart World podcast — Little Kids, Big Hearts — and a team from the Learning Science Exchange Fellowship which is designed to help communicate research-based insights on how children learn, with the aim of better supporting children, their families, educators, and school systems. We know that young children begin to notice differences among others at an early age (Barrett, 2018). One way to promote intercultural knowledge is to reflect on your own culture and heritage and learn about others’ (Schwarzenthal et al. 2017) by sharing examples from around the world. 

Add your little global citizen to the map! You can help your child share his or her unique experience and point of view and become part of the conversation. All languages are welcome!  

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