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We definitely don’t have all the answers, but we’ll share the ones we DO have! If you have other questions, please reach out!

What is social and emotional learning?

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is a vital part of children's learning and development. It's the process of developing a healthy identity, understanding and managing emotions, making friends, and making responsible, caring decisions that make the world a better place. 

Why is social and emotional learning important?

Research shows that children can learn social emotional skills, and that practicing and learning these skills leads to better outcomes in school and in life. For a summary of the research, check out this great summary from CASEL.

What is Big Heart World and Who's Behind It?

Big Heart World is an initiative produced by Sparkler Learning (a nonprofit organization focused on early learning and family engagement) with support from Noggin (the early learning arm of Nick Jr.) and the Walton Family Foundation. Together with nonprofit partners, the team has created this hub for parents/caregivers/educators to support children's social and emotional learning. The big goal: growing a generation of caring change makers!

How can educators use Big Heart World?

Use our Educator Guide, which will be released monthly. You'll find ideas for incorporating these free resources into your classroom. Share the family guide or individual resources with families to engage families and boost home-school connection.

How can I get information about MY child's social and emotional development?

On our contact us page, you can share general questions, which we will work with experts in education and child development to answer. If you ever have concerns about YOUR child, please contact your child's pediatrician or teacher.

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