Let's Use Our Big Heart World Words!

When you practice new words with a child, you help them learn the words that they’ll need to express their big ideas. Here are some words you can practice related to “upstanding.” Before you start: Please don’t make flash cards with this list! Try incorporating the words into your conversations with your child or students … or look for them in the books you read together. 

  • Act – to take action
  • Appreciate – to recognize the worth/value of something
  • Cooperate – to work together 
  • Change – to make something different
  • Culture – the way of life for a certain group of people
  • Empathy – to understand and share the feelings of someone else
  • Exclude – to leave out 
  • Fair – without favoring anyone or anything
  • Friend – someone who you like and who likes you back
  • Goal – something that you decide that you want and work hard to achieve
  • Helpful – giving or ready to give help
  • Include – to invite someone else to share in an activity or privilege 
  • Invite – to request someone’s presence 
  • Join – to bring together 
  • Kindness – the quality/state of being kind (sympathetic or helpful nature)
  • Listen – to hear something with thoughtful attention 
  • Problem – a situation that prevents you from achieving something
  • Race – group of people with similar physical traits passed down through generations 
  • Respect – to honor or be considerate of someone or something
  • Satisfied – happy or pleased with something
  • Share – to have in common or use together
  • Solve – to find the answer
  • Support – to hold up or assist
  • Take turns – to do something one after another in succession 
  • Teamwork – the equal work of individuals in a group towards a common goal
  • Value – to rate highly
  • Welcome – a kind and hospitable reception
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