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Get a Custom Guide of Activities to Address Children's Social-Emotional Needs

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We have an interactive quiz to help you grow your little one’s BIG heart: Take Big Heart World’s Social and Emotional Learning Quiz, in English or Spanish, which was created by Sparkler Learning and the Housman Institute, to identify areas where your child needs support. 

Then, we’ll give you a CUSTOM guide, full of activities you can play together to grow their big heart!

Noggin's Big Heart Beats Album

Listen, sing, and dance along to “Helping Others” from Noggin’s Big Heart Beats album. “Helping Others” encourages us to lend a hand to help our friends and neighbors.

Families and educators: Click below to learn more about the song and to find lyrics and related activities!


Why LearnHeart Skills?

In the early years, children’s brains are wiring up. They’re learning math, literacy, and science skills. They’re growing strong muscles. Social and emotional learning is at the HEART of it all as children learn to understand themselves and how they relate to others. The heart is a MUSCLE and growing kids with strong hearts takes practice. Start early and stick with it!

Little Kids, Big Hearts Podcast

Little Kids Big Hearts

Little Kids, Big Hearts is a new podcast that can help parents and educators introduce big topics in social and emotional learning to their children. The podcast, which is hosted by an early childhood educator and social-emotional learning coordinator, explores what it means to have a big heart and how to grow one with 10 episodes focused on identity, friendship, and standing up for others.

“Let’s Work It Out” — is now available. Our special back-to-school episode and our episode on “helping” are coming out soon!

Big Heart World Community Colors Project

Put Yourself on the Map, and Celebrate Each of Us

Big Heart World & National Head Start Association: Live Music Classes

Sing and dance to Noggin’s Big Heart Beats album and other music about social and emotional skills like feelings and friendship at NHSA’s Music Time with Big Heart World. Any parent/caregiver or educator with preschoolers is welcome to join!

Next Music Class: October 26, 2021 @ 11:30 AM EST. Please register in advance for the National Head Start Association’s Zoom meeting.

Grow Big Hearts by Playing Together!

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