Big Heart World Parent and Caregiver Guide

Each month of the Big Heart World initiative, we will share a guide for parents and caregivers. The guide will introduce the the big idea of the unit, provide an overview of the resources that are available, and suggest ideas for how parents and caregivers can use the Big Heart World’s resources to support their children’s social and emotional learning. Feel free to print and share!  

Do you have ideas about how we could make Big Heart World a useful resource for parents and caregivers like you? We want to make this a useful resource for YOU. Please email us at We’d love to learn about your needs and see if we can help. 

Please download the August Parent and Caregiver Guide in English

The Spanish version is coming soon!

Parent and Caregiver Guides for Past Units

July: Friendship

Please download the July Parent and Caregiver Guide in English

Please download the July Parent and Caregiver Guide in Spanish

June: Similarities and Differences

May: Feelings

April: Identity and Belonging