Listen and Learn from Music

Incorporate the songs from Noggin’s Big Heart Beats Album into your lessons to give students a dance break, while learning important messages from working together to celebrating differences. 

Music is a powerful tool that can build multiple parts of the brain, all at once. It can help children to develop fine motor skills; memory; problem solving skills; math and literacy skills. It can also boost social and emotional skills, including perseverance, self-esteem, and relationships with other people. 

“Music does, almost without a doubt, improve cognitive functions — it makes you smarter,” Dr. Eric Rasmussen, the chairman of the Peabody Preparatory’s Early Childhood Music department at Johns Hopkins University told Big Heart World recently. “But the bottom line for me is that music just makes us human, makes us the artful, beautiful people we are.”  

Like Nobody Else
Explore identity and belonging in "Like Nobody Else."
Explore the feelings with "How You Feel"
Each of us is different. "Celebrate Our Difference" turns our differences in to a cause for celebration.
A Friend Like You
Explore the magic of friendship with "A Friend Like You."
Help Work It Out
When there are people, there are problems. "Help Work it Out" explores ways we can resolve interpersonal problems!