What is Big Heart World?

Find FREE tools and resources that you can use to support your students’ social and emotional development. We provide a mix of original content developed by early childhood educators and experts and content shared by best-in-class partner organizations!

We are releasing new content each month, which adds to the available resources. You’ll find resources that YOU can use in the classroom and also resources you can send home or share with families. 

Big Heart World helps educators (as well as parents and caregivers) support children as they learn what it means to have a big heart and how to grow one. This means:

  • Learning about me (self)
  • Learning about you (others)
  • Learning about us (relationships)

Learning social and emotional skills is always important to children’s development. From the time babies are born, they are learning about who they are, developing confidence, compassion, and a sense of what is right and what is wrong.

Parents are particularly concerned about their children’s social and emotional development now due to transitions and school closures brought about by COVID-19.

One new study found that parents rank their children’s social and emotional development as their top concern going into the 2021-22 school year. “Every parent’s primary concern is that their children be well and that their children be happy,” the author of the report, Dr. Vikki Katz, said. “Up and down the socioeconomic spectrum this year, parents have watched their children be lonely and sad and scared, and felt powerless to really make things better for them. A return to school, symbolically, is a return to something they recognize as more normal and that their children will recognize as more normal.”

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