A Joyful Way to Listen and Learn

Little Kids, Big Hearts is Big Heart World’s podcast — and we hope it will help educators like you to introduce big ideas in social and emotional learning to your students. In each episode, the host (an early childhood educator and social-emotional coordinator in New York City), talks with children about different topics — from making friends to resolving conflicts — while going on an imaginary adventure together. You can listen on Apple, Spotify, or stream the episodes from this web page. For each episode, we provide a discussion guide in English and Spanish to fuel classroom conversations. 

Little Kids, Big Hearts Trailer

Welcome to Little Kids, Big Hearts, a new podcast that helps kids and their grown-ups explore what it means to have a BIG HEART with a little help from the show’s host, Todd Loyd, a longtime early childhood educator. It’s a space where kids LEAD the discussion. If you like using your imagination, hanging out with puppets, and eating gummy bears then you’ve found the right place! Recommended for big-hearted kids ages 3-8 (and their grown-ups).

Episode 1: What's in Your Heart?

Little Kids, Big Hearts is a social and emotional learning podcast that helps parents, caregivers and educators explore “heart skills” with their children. In the first episode, Todd and four kids discuss what it means to have a “big heart” and what it feels like to be brave, sad, angry, happy, and silly.

Episode 2: What Makes YOU Special?

Little Kids, Big Hearts is a social and emotional learning podcast that helps parents, caregivers, and educators explore “heart skills” with their children. In this episode, our host, Todd, and his four- and five-year-old guests discuss the qualities and skills that make them special and uniquely themselves!

Episode 3: What Can You Do With Big Feelings?

What do you do when you’re feeling angry or sad, or when you’re facing something new and scary like COVID-19? In this episode, Todd, Rainbow, and four kids discuss big feelings, where they come from, and what to do with them.

Episode 4: What Makes a Good Friend?

Have you ever made a new friend on Zoom or tried to stay connected to a friend who moved far away? In this episode, Todd, Ringo, and four insightful children discuss the magic of friendship. They explore how to make new friends and maintain friendships — plus how to be a good friend to others.

Episode 5: What IS Empathy?

Have you ever looked for clues to find out how someone else is feeling? Todd, Roxy, and three empathetic children discuss how they notice and share others’ feelings and how they show that they care.

Episode 6: Let's Work It Out!

“Let’s Work it Out” is about interpersonal problems — and how to solve them together! Todd and three kids (all big siblings with lots of problem-solving know-how) draw on their experience and problem-solving skills to help Mango and the Qook-a-Lackas to resolve interpersonal conflicts.