A Playlist of Resources You Can Share With Parents

Build home-school connections and give parents activities they can do to grow their little ones’ “big hearts” after school and on the weekends. 

Share with Home
  • SEL Quiz — Parents can take Big Heart World’s social and emotional learning quiz to identify areas of concern related to their children’s social and emotional development. Based on their responses, Big Heart World sends them a custom guide of fun, off-screen activities they can do together. 
  • Get “Big Heart” Texts to get SEL tips — Text HEART to 274-448 to get regular tips from Big Heart World and friends at Bright by Text to answer parents’ questions about their children’s social and emotional development. Learn more here.
  • Community Colors Project — Children notice differences in skin tone from infancy, and talking with grown-ups about what they see will help them to make sense of — and be open to — the world around them and the people in it. No two people are exactly the same — and we can celebrate those differences. Parents can try Big Heart World’s interactive “Community Colors” tool to launch a conversation about skin color with children.  
  • Heart Map — Parents can use this interactive tool to explore with their children to explore the qualities and skills that make each person unique! They can see what makes their child special and what makes other children special. It’s intended to help parents discuss ideas of identity and belonging with their children. 
  • Expert Articles — Big Heart World is a good source for expert opinions that can help parents answer their big questions. A few you might consider sharing:
  • Big Heart Beats Album — Each month, Noggin releases a new music video that explores big social and emotional learning ideas, from identity to citizenship.
  • Little Kids, Big Hearts — An original podcast for kids (aged 3-8) and their grown-ups, in which an early childhood educator talks to children about topics in social and emotional learning. Listen, use our discussion guides, and talk with your students about issues in social and emotional learning. 
  • Off-screen play and learning activities — Play activities from Big Heart World and our partners to help children grow big hearts in creative ways. These activities can be used in classrooms or homes.  Filter by skill or age to find what you need!
  • Books to spark big-hearted conversations. Lists are created by our partners, School Library Journal and First Book.

You can also share the monthly family guide in English and Spanish, which is a PDF that you can share with parents. Here’s the link to the family guide page.