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Peppy Pals is an award-winning EdTech company based in Stockholm, Sweden. It is sharing these sweet books about playful animals. Read along and develop your children’s big hearts along the way. 

Peppy Pals

Peppy Pals: One, Two, Three, Jump!

Reggy, Gabby and Kelly are participating in a jumping competition, but it doesn’t turn out quite as they had expected. Not everyone en-joys competing and the friends learn to comfort and encourage one another in the face of setbacks. This book is about managing anxiety before a competition, as well as helping out and being resilient.
Age Groups: Big Kids, Little Kids
Skills: friendship, Helping, Social Emotional
Author: Erik Wonnevi

Discussion Questions

  •  How do you think someone looks when they are worried and nervous? What usually worries you?
  • Do you think adults are worried about the same things as children?
  • Reggy receives criticism from the crabs. How do you think that makes Reggy feel?
  • Have you ever criticized someone else? Tell me about it.
  • What do you do or say after criticism?
  • Describe how it feels when you have done something hard or challenging. Do you feel like you want to do it again? Why/why not?
  • How does it feel when you have been worried and still dared to do what you were worried about?
  • Not everyone likes to compete. Why do you think this is?
  • When did you last compete? How does winning or losing feel?  
  • What can you do or say if you do not want to compete? 


Compete - to take part in a contest
Criticism - the expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes
Finale - the end
Read One, Two, Three, Jump here. 
Peppy Pals: Gabby Doesn’t Like Competing Gabby Doesn’t Like Competing

Peppy Pals: Gabby Doesn’t Like Competing

Sammy, Reggy and Gabby are playing basketball. Gabby, who has never played before, wants to try but finds it much more difficult than anticipated. This book is about trying new things, dealing with setbacks and teamwork.
Age Groups: Big Kids, Little Kids
Skills: friendship, Helping, Social Emotional

Discussion Questions

  • Sammy and Reggy are good at playing basketball. Gabby has never tried it before. How do you thinkGabby feels before the first throw
  • Gabby failed to get the ball in the basket. What did the friends find out about Gabby instead?
  • How do you feel when you want to try something you have never done before?
  • What do you think it takes to be good at something? Does being good at something make you like it more?
  • How does it feel to be good at something? How does it feel to be not so good at something? 
  • Gabby felt like it was a competition and got nervous when she saw how good Sammy and Reggy were. How do you feel about competitions?
  • What do you do when you want to encourage a friend to try something new?   
  • Sammy and Reggy help Gabby make the basket. How do you think Gabby feels when the friends help?
  • Is everyone good at the same things? Why/Why not? Talk about how different skills and/or advantages and disadvantages can make us good at different things.


Unexpected - surprising, not expected
Disadvantage - an unfavorable circumstance or condition that reduces the chances of success or effectiveness
Download and read Gabby Doesn't Like Competing here. 

Thank you for our pals at Peppy Pals for sharing their books with Big Heart World parents, caregivers, and educators.