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Empowering Education: Paws and Hands

Paws and Hands

Munchy and his new friend Rhonda the Raccoon are nervous about a game the others are playing outside, Jump Chase, but they figure out how to create something new: A Hammock!
Age Groups: Big Kids, Little Kids
Skills: Feelings, friendship, Problem Solving
Author: by Noah Teitelbaum (Author), Julia Gootzeit (Illustrator)

Discussion Questions

  • What did Jumpy do when she got to the tree? What did Munchy do?
  • What did Munchy do differently during the double-day?
  • Why didn’t Munchy want to play with Rhonda?
  • What did Rhonda and Munchy have in common?
  • What differences were there between Rhonda and Munchy?
  • How did the differences between Rhonda and Munchy help?
  • How are some of your friends different from you?
  • When has it been hard for you to talk with new people? How do you handle that?


Paws and Hands (English)
Patas y Manos (Spanish)
Munchy and Jumpy is a series centered on mindfulness and social-emotional learning, created by one of Big Heart World's partner organizations, Empowering Education.