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Crumpled Paper

Project Rangeet: Paper Bully

Crumple paper to learn about your impact on other people.
Age Groups: Big Kids
Skills: Empathy, Feelings, friendship


  • plain paper


  • Let's each crumple up a piece of paper.
  • Now let's try to flatten out our piece of paper.
  • What happens? Can you make the paper go back to its original state?
  • People are a little bit like paper! When you say or do unkind things to them, it can hurt. People will always remember being bullied. They can be resilient, recover, and learn from the experience — but bullying can affect people just like crumpling can affect paper.
  • Let's think of ways we can help rather than hurt. How can we help prevent bullying and stand up for people who are the victims of bullying?


Crumple - to crush something so it becomes crushed or wrinkled
Flatten - to make flat 
Bully - to seek to harm or intimidate or force someone else to do something 
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