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Woodpecker Girl

Woodpecker Girl

In simple language, Yipei Huang, a young girl in a ghostly white wheelchair, explains how her cerebral palsy may have originated, spends quiet days watching others run around playing, sees her sister romp with their puppy, and wonders what it might belike if she could sing. The authors never dip into pathos, but give the story strength with a matter-of-fact approach; the girl tries to understand others, and they learn from her. An art-filled lesson that “an imperfect body can also lead to a perfect life” excludes no one from its net. A wistful, wondrous work.
Age Groups: Big Kids, Little Kids
Skills: Empathy
Author: Written by Chingyen Liu & I-Tsun Chiang and illustrated by Heidi Doll

Discussion Questions

  • What does the girl in the story feel in the beginning of the book?
  • When her teacher attaches a paintbrush to her forehead with a headband, what happens?
  • What does the girl learn about the world? What do others learn about her?
  • Did this story help YOU learn anything about other people?