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Milo Imagines the World

Milo Imagines the World

Milo is on a long subway ride with his older sister. To pass the time, he studies the faces around him and makes pictures of their lives. There's the whiskered man with the crossword puzzle; Milo imagines him playing solitaire in a cluttered apartment full of pets. There's the wedding-dressed woman with a little dog peeking out of her handbag; Milo imagines her in a grand cathedral ceremony. And then there's the boy in the suit with the bright white sneakers; Milo imagines him arriving home to a castle with a drawbridge and a butler. But when the boy in the suit gets off on the same stop as Milo—walking the same path, going to the exact same place—Milo realizes that you can't really know anyone just by looking at them.
Age Groups: Big Kids, Little Kids
Skills: Empathy
Author: Written by Matt de la Peña and illustrated by Christian Robinson

Discussion Questions

  • Do you ever observe people on the train or bus?
  • What do you think about them?
  • What does Milo realize about the boy in the suit and bright white sneakers? How does this affect his thinking?
  • Have you ever realized it's hard to KNOW about someone else (or their feelings) from just looking at them?


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