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Tube Sock Stuffie (For Toddlers and Littles)

Age Groups: Little Kids, Toddlers
Skills: Empathy, Fine Motor, Trust


  • old sock, stuffing, yarn, markers


  • Let’s turn this old tube sock into a stuffie for you to play and cuddle with.
  • Let’s stuff the sock with stuffing (or even another sock) and tie a knot at the end. Let’s use yarn to tie off a portion for the head and body. You can help me decide where to tie the yarn. How many pieces of yarn should we use?
  • Let’s use markers to decorate your stuffie. You can draw a face and body if you want to, or just decorate any way you please!
  • Your stuffie is ready! Let’s give them a name. Now we can play!


Stuff - to fill with something
Decorate - to make something pretty