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Friendship Cookie

Age Groups: Big Kids, Little Kids, Toddlers
Skills: Empathy, Feelings, Math


  • Your favorite cookie recipe or store-bought dough
  • Or, for a healthier version, use watermelon


  • Let's make a giant Friendship Cookie to share with friends!
  • Let's start with a basic cookie dough (we can mix up our own ingredients or use store-bought dough). Instead of making many small cookies, let’s use our fingers and/or a rolling pin to make one big cookie! For a healthier option, we can decorate a round slice of watermelon with other fruits and/or yogurt.
  • While our giant cookie is baking, let’s invite some friends over. How many people will there be?
  • Once the cookie cools down, let’s think about how to share our cookie with everyone who is coming over. How many pieces will we need? How can we make sure that every piece is the same size, so that everyone gets the same amount?
  • How do you think our friends will feel when they see the Friendship Cookie? How will YOU feel when you get to share it with friends?


Share - to divide with others
Invite - to ask to come
Generous - unselfish, giving