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Roll, Bounce, Toss (for Toddlers and Little Kids)

Age Groups: Little Kids, Toddlers
Skills: Focus, Gross Motor, Self Regulation, Trust


  • A ball


  • Let’s stand facing each other with a little space between us.
  • I’ll roll the ball to you and you roll it back to me. Next, I’ll pass the ball to you with a bounce. Try to catch it! Now bounce the ball back to me. Last, I’ll lightly toss the ball to you and you can toss it back.
  • We're ready to play! Hold the ball and listen for my words. I’ll say, “roll,” “toss,” or “bounce” to let you know how to pass the ball to me
  • I’ll pass the ball back to you the same way. Let’s keep going!


Roll - to keep turning over
Ball - a round object
Back - return