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the kindness book

The Kindness Book

No matter what other people choose to do, you can always choose to be kind — and what a wonderful thing to be! Today's parents and teachers are looking for ways to instill empathy and kindness in children at a young age. This book is the perfect introduction to a timely and timeless topic.
Age Groups: Babies, Little Kids, Toddlers
Skills: friendship, kindness
Author: Todd Parr

Discussion Questions

  • What are some of the ways to be kind that are featured in the book?
  • Can you think of other ways to be kind to our friends, family, and community?
  • Can you think of one kind thing that someone did for you today?
  • Can you think of one kind thing that you did for someone else today?


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Parents/Caregivers: Find it at First Book's Bookshop.org shop.