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Friendbots: Blink and Block Make a Wish

Block, an earnest, purple, cube-shaped robot, observes Blink, an enthusiastic, blue, sphere-shaped bot, staring at the ground during recess, and Block’s curiosity is piqued. Themes of friendship, acceptance, and shared adventures combine fora colorful, relatable tale, with a small butterfly becoming a third, quieter, friend.
Age Groups: Big Kids, Little Kids
Skills: friendship, Similarities and Differences
Author: Vicky Fang

Discussion Questions

  • This book is a graphic novel/comic. What do you notice about the way the story is told that makes it a graphic novel/comic? What do you think about this style?
  • Describe Blink and Block.
  • Do you have any good friends like the robots in the story?
  • What do the friends wish for? Why?
  • What do the friends discover?


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