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Project Ranjeet: Playdough

Project Rangeet: Playdough Diversity

Children learn about diversity with playdough: we can all look different, but on the inside we're made of the same ingredients.
Age Groups: Big Kids, Little Kids
Skills: Appreciating Diversity, communication, Comparison, Curiosity, Expression, Social Emotional


  • Plain, colorless, white play dough
  • Colored markers or paints


  • Here's a ball of white playdough for each child. How does it look, smell, and feel?
  • Let's each pick a different color and draw or paint on our balls of playdough.
  • Let's talk about our balls again. What has changed? What's the same?
  • Let's compare people to our balls of playdough. We may have different skin colors, religions, and abilities, but we are all people — and we're all great just the way we are!


Culture - the beliefs, customs, and traditions of a group of people
Different - not the same as something else 
Diversity - having many different forms, types, ideas, etc.
Race - a group people have been put in based on their history, language, culture, and sometimes physical qualities like skin color and facial features
Religion - an organized system of beliefs with ceremonies and rules used to worship
Project Ranjeet