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Paletero Man

Paletero Man

Children will want to race alongside a Mexican American boy as he runs through his neighborhood streets to buy a cold paleta, a Mexican-style ice pop in this bright, bilingual story! Readers will learn the joys of this shiny landscape, familiar or unfamiliar, but wholly a playground of color and surprises. This story sparkles with celebrated musician-songwriter Diaz’s English and Spanish rhymes and Player’s bubbly, colorful digital illustrations, blending seamlessly to represent Diaz’s pride for his hometown in Los Angeles.
Age Groups: Big Kids, Little Kids
Skills: Empathy, Similarities and Differences
Author: Written by Lucky Diaz and illustrated by Micah Player

Discussion Questions

  • How does the child in the story want to cool off on a hot day?
  • How do YOU like to cool off on a hot day?
  • What does the child in the story observe as he runs to Paletero José?
  • What seems familiar and different about this child's neighborhood and your neighborhood?
  • What happens in the end? How does it make everyone feel?