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Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor! (for big kids)

Age Groups: Big Kids, Little Kids
Skills: Appreciating Diversity, Curiosity, Empathy, Trust


  • Let’s get to know someone new. What questions should we ask them? Let’s choose a few questions from the list or make up our own.
  • Let’s go out and find someone in our neighborhood to interview.
  • While we walk, let’s look around at the people we see. Let’s smile, wave, and say “Hello” to our neighbors.
  • Together, let’s introduce ourselves to someone we don’t know and see if they have time to answer a few questions.
  • Let’s listen to their answers and respond. What do we have in common? What things about us seem different?


  • Meet: to come together
  • Greet: to say hello
  • Neighbor: a person living nearby