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A Thorny Day

Twin Rabbits, Munchy and Jumpy, learn about "roses and thorns" on a rainy day.
Age Groups: Big Kids, Little Kids
Skills: family, Feelings
Author: By Noah Teitelbaum (Author), Julia Gootzeit (Illustrator)

Discussion Questions

  • What was Jumpy feeling during the rainy day? What was Munchy feeling?
  • What did Jumpy do to feel better? What did Munchy do?
  • The things that you do when you are having a tough day are called “coping skills." What is a coping skill you have used when you have to sit longer than you want to?
  • What are some of the coping skills you use when you’re nervous or upset to make you feel better?
  • What can happen if we don’t use coping skills?
  • Munchy seemed to like eating to make him feel better. Why did he take only one strawberry the second time?


A Thorny Day (English) 
Un Dîa Espinoso (Spanish)
Munchy and Jumpy is a series centered on mindfulness and social-emotional learning, created by one of Big Heart World's partner organizations, Empowering Education.