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I Do Not Like Yolanda, Written & illustrated by Zoey Abbott

Bianca, a young girl with pale skin and a curly black ponytail, writes letters to far away family and friends. She loves everything about sending letters, except for Yolanda, who works at the post office. How she gets past her hate and fear is a lesson in living, full of little wonders that hold readers’ attention from page to page.
Age Groups: Little Kids
Skills: Confidence, Empathy, Feelings, friendship

Discussion Questions

  • Do you ever write and send letters?
  • What does Bianca feel about Yolanda at the start of the story?
  • To get past her hate and fear, Bianca has to do something brave. What does she do? And what does she find out?
  • Is there anything brave YOU could do to get over something? What do you think would happen if you tried?