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Make Maracas

Make Maracas

Age Groups: Babies
Skills: Feelings, Self Regulation


  • Empty plastic bottle
  • Paper cup or other container
  • Dried beans or pebbles
  • Strong tape


  • Let’s make a maraca to shake, shake, shake — and then STOP! [This can help your child start learning about regulating feelings, in a fun way.]
  • I’ll put some dried beans or pebbles into an empty container and seal it up.
  • How does it sound when I shake it? If it’s too loud for you, we can add some cotton balls or balls of paper to make the sound quieter.
  • Let’s shake our maraca! I’ll sing, “Shake shake shake!”
  • Now, let’s stop shaking and STOP!
  • Let’s try it again: Shake, shake, shake, STOP!