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My Book About Me (for bigger kids)

Age Groups: Big Kids, Little Kids
Skills: Expression, Identity


  • Pictures of your child
  • paper
  • Clear tape or glue
  • Stapler


  • Let’s make a book all about you! 
  • Let’s gather (or take) some pictures of you and our family. We can take photos, or we can draw or cut out pictures that represent you, your favorite things, and our family’s culture. (Older children can include images that symbolize their values, beliefs, and personal characteristics!) 
  • Let’s fold the paper in half to make the front and back covers of our book. What will the title of your book be?
  • On each page, let’s tape, glue, or draw pictures. Now, let’s add words! (Younger children can dictate the words, while older children can write a sentence about themselves on each page.)
  • Let’s use staples or string to bind your book together. 
  • Let’s read the Book About YOU and talk about the part of your identity that each picture represents.


Identity: all the things that make you YOU
Favorite: best-liked
Important: of great significance or value