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My Book About Me (for babies/toddlers)

Age Groups: Babies, Toddlers
Skills: Comprehension, Identity


  • Pictures of your child
  • paper
  • Clear tape or glue
  • Stapler


  • Let’s make a book all about you! 
  • Let’s gather (or take) some pictures of you and our family. (For babies, include photos that show different parts of the body: face, feet, ears, fingers, etc. For older toddlers, include action photos and photos of favorite things!)
  • I’ll fold the paper in half to make the cover and pages of our book. Let’s choose a picture for the cover and write your name across the top. On each page, let’s pick a picture and tape or glue it onto the page. (Get fancy here if you want, but it’s definitely not required. Add words, or even laminate the book so it is more durable!)
  • Let’s use staples or string to bind our book together. 
  • Let’s read your book and talk about the pictures. Can you help turn the pages? 


Body: the physical shape of a person (be sure to name body parts!)
Your : belonging to you
Favorite: best-liked