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Why the Cheetah's cheeks are stained with tears


Age Groups: Big Kids
Skills: Expression, Fine Motor, Global Citizenship


  • None  (or paper, pencil, and crayons)


  • Pourquoi means “Why” in French. A “Pourquoi Tale” is a made up story that explains why things are the way they are. Let’s read the African pourquoi tale called “Why the Cheetah’s Face is Stained with Tears.”
  • Let’s make up our own pourquoi tale about your favorite animal! Did you ever wonder why dogs pant with their tongues hanging out? Or why bunnies have long ears? Maybe we can explain how the pig’s tail became curly. Let’s imagine!
  • Let’s take turns telling parts of the story. I can write down the words you say or you can write the story yourself. Let’s illustrate!


Pourquoi - “Why” in French 
Tale - a story
Imagine - to form a mental image of something
Explain - to give the reason for something