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My Friend Maggie

My Friend Maggie

Paula and Maggie have been friends forever. Paula thinks Maggie is the best — until mean girl Veronica says otherwise. Suddenly, Paula starts to notice that Maggie is big and clumsy, and her clothes are sort of snuggish. Rather than sticking up for Maggie, Paula ignores her old friend and plays with Veronica instead. Luckily, when Veronica turns on Paula, Maggie's true colors shine through.
Age Groups: Big Kids, Little Kids
Skills: friendship, Upstanding
Author: Hannah E. Harrison

Discussion Questions

  • Who is Veronica, and what's her role in the story?
  • How does the relationship between Paula and Maggie change during the story?
  • Have you ever felt like Maggie? Paula? What happened? How did the problem get resolved?
  • What lesson do you learn from the story?
  • What are some ways WE can be good friends and stand up to bullies?


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