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Say it Loud (Little Kid)

Say It Loud (For Little Kids)

Saying things out loud — as a chant or a song — can be a powerful tool to help children learn and remember new ideas, support language development, and boost social connections.
Age Groups: Babies, Toddlers
Skills: Expression, Upstanding


  • None


  • Let’s practice saying a rhyme together to stand up for what’s right!
  • Let’s choose a rhyme from the list, or we can make up one of our own about an issue that we care about.
  • I’ll say the rhyme, and you can repeat after me or we can take turns by each saying a line of the rhyme.
  • Let’s chant together!


Rhyme - words that have the same ending sound
Chant - a repetitious song
Repeat - to say again and again
Together - with one another


Some rhymes to get you started: 

Every day, in any way / Bullying is not OK!
Hey you, don’t be mean / Help to keep our community clean!
Water, earth, and air pollution / What we need is a solution!
Don’t forget to scoop that poop!
In your home and in your school / Being kind is really cool!