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Sign Language

Sign Language

Making a simple sign is a great way to practice being an upstander! It’s an easy way for your child to express themselves and to help others.
Age Groups: Big Kids, Little Kids
Skills: Empathy, Upstanding


  • Poster board and art supplies or sidewalk chalk


  • Let’s make a sign to stand up for what’s right!
  • Let’s look around us for something that we feel isn’t right or fair. Let’s choose an issue that matters to us like littering, protecting the environment, protecting animals, or keeping children safe and healthy.
  • Let’s use paper and markers or sidewalk chalk to make a big sign that reminds people to do what’s right. Let’s draw and use words to make our point!
  • Let’s make sure other people can see our sign to change hearts and minds.


Sign - a printed notice
Poster - a large page with pictures and words, often hung in a public place
Issue - a problem
Right - correct; as it should be