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No Song

Sing the “NO SONG”

When kids use their voices to advocate for themselves, they are taking the first step toward being upstanders!
Age Groups: Babies, Little Kids, Toddlers
Skills: Feelings, Identity, Upstanding


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  • Let’s sing a new song — it’s called "The NO Song." I’ll sing first, and then we can sing together.
  • Let’s sing the word “NO” over and over again to the tune of Frére Jacque. We’ll sing the first phrase quietly, the second phrase a little louder with our hands on our hips, the third phrase as loud as we can and pretend to have a tantrum, and sing the last phrase quietly again.
  • Sing it with me!


No - a negative answer or decision
Quiet - with little or no sound
Loud - very noisy
Powerful - strong or forceful