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Upstanders' Club

Upstanders’ Club

Using your voice to stand up for what’s right can be hard, especially when it feels like you’re alone. Having a group of friends — like Noggin’s Big Heart Kids — who all agree to be upstanders together can make it easier for everyone.
Age Groups: Big Kids
Skills: Empathy, Upstanding


  • Pen and Paper


  • Let’s get together with some friends and talk about being upstanders.
  • What does it mean to be an upstander? Why is it important to use your voices to help and support others? Let’s make a list of the ideas everyone shares.
  • Let’s make a plan for how you and your friends will be upstanders at school and in our community. Let’s write down those ideas, too!
  • Let’s all promise to support each other and stand up for what’s right together. Let’s write a sentence that begins with “We promise to…"
  • We wrote an Upstanders’ Pledge! Let’s each sign our name and then share our pledge with others to help more friends become upstanders!


Upstanding - to stand up for what’s right
Bystanding - to stand by and watch something that’s happening but not take part
Pledge - a promise