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Salma the Syrian Chef

When Salma  and her mother are forced to live in a refugee camp away from her father after leaving Syria and they are sad. Determined to hear her mother laugh again, Salma tries to cheer her up with silly drawings and jokes, then decides to surprise her by making foul shami, a Syrian dish. Seeking the help of many other people in the refugee camp to find a recipe, translate the foods, shop, and prepare the meal, not everything goes to plan. Despite all the help, Salma doesn’t have the right spices to finish her dish, but the meal, of course, delights her mother and brings the entire community together.
Age Groups: Big Kids, Little Kids
Skills: family, Helping
Author: Written by Danny Ramadan and illustrated by Anna Bron

Discussion Questions

  • Cooking for others can be a good way to help them! What does Salma decide to cook for her mother to cheer her up?
  • Who helps Salma as she prepares the Syrian dish?
  • What happens in the end? Is Salma's mom upset that the foul shami isn't perfect?
  • What do you think you could cook or serve to people you love to cheer them up?