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dear earth from your friends in room 5

Dear Earth…From Your Friends in Room 5

When the kids in Room 5 decide to write Earth a letter asking how they can help protect the planet, they are thrilled to get a reply. Over the course of the year, the kids in Room 5 put their newfound knowledge into practice. In this uplifting book with a strong message about caring for the planet, young readers will learn about environmental conservation, along with simple things they can do to help. Everyone can be an Earth Hero! The inside jacket includes an activity poster.
Age Groups: Big Kids, Little Kids
Skills: Empathy, Helping
Author: By Erin Dealey (Author) and Luisa Uribe (Illustrator)

Discussion Questions

  • Describe what the children ask the Earth.
  • What do the children learn FROM the Earth when she responds?
  • What could YOU learn from nature if you could talk or correspond?
  • How could YOU help protect the Earth?


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