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Helping Bingo (for Big Kids)

Age Groups: Big Kids
Skills: Empathy, Flexible Thinking, Helping, Independence


  • Paper and Crayons


  • Let’s think about ways that YOU can be a helper around our home, around our neighborhood, in your school, at the library, or at the community center — anyplace where we happen to be! There are so many ways that you can help make a difference right where you are!
  • Let’s make a grid with 12-16 squares on our paper and fill each square with a word or drawing of a way you can help.
  • Each time you’re a helper, mark a square in your Helping Bingo chart. How many squares can you mark in one day?


Make a difference - have a significant positive effect on a person or situation
Help - to aid or assist someone
Community - a group of people or neighborhood