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Like Nobody Else

All About Me Book

Age Groups: Little Kids, Toddlers
Skills: Comprehension, Expression, Identity


  • White paper, crayons or markers, pictures of your students (from home or take in class)


Select headings for each page, plan for 5-7 pages per book. Suggested headings:

  • This is what I looked like when I was a baby.
  • This is what I look like now.
  • This what my hands/feet/hair/back look(s) like.
  • This is my favorite toy at home.
  • This is my favorite area of the classroom.
  • This is my favorite color.
  • I like to eat _______.
  • I like to wear _______.
  • I love ________.

Fold 2-3 sheets of paper into a book and staple. Create one book for each student. Glue each student’s picture to the cover and write their name across the top or allow space for students to write or trace their own names.

    Working in small groups of 2 or 3 children at a time, fill in pages of each book. Depending on your students’ ages and abilities, you might:

    • Ask a question for each heading. For example, “What is your favorite color? Can you find a crayon in that color? Draw with that crayon on this page that says, 'This is my favorite color.'"
    • Glue photos sent from home or taken in class and have children draw around the pictures.
    • Cut images from magazines and allow children to choose a picture for each page.
    • Read the heading for each page out loud and fill in the blanks with children’s exact words. Encourage children to illustrate with markers or crayons.


    Body - the physical shape of a person (be sure to name body parts!)
    Your - belonging to you
    Favorite - best-liked