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Bunny Will Not Jump!

This purple bunny drawn in a cartoon style has foot-stompin’ attitude. The problem is introduced by a big blue bear who addresses readers directly: “Oh, hi, friend! It is your pal Big. I have a problem. Bunny will not jump.“ Emerging readers will be thrilled when they’re invited to help Bunny jump and dance. This is ideal material for those needing the same push of confidence that Big supplies Bunny. Simple concepts, flowing word choices, and the discovery that Bunny loves to jump will have children realizing they love to read.
Age Groups: Little Kids
Skills: friendship, Problem Solving
Author: Written and illustrated by Jason Tharp

Discussion Questions

  • Big tells us what Bunny's problem is. What is it?
  • Have you ever had a problem like Bunny's? Tell me about it!
  • How does Bunny learn to jump?
  • How did YOU solve the problem YOU faced? Are there other strategies you should have tried?