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The Good Stranger's Sancocho Surprise

The Good Stranger’s Sancocho Surprise/El sancocho sorpresa del buen desconocido

This Stone Soup retelling — in which a stone boiled in water plus food contributions from the rest of the community adds up to nourishment for all — is set in the Dominican Republic following an earthquake. A hungry man who has lost his wife and his children resorts to begging and comes up empty-handed. A small girl helps him make sanchocho, a traditional stew, and everyone learns a lesson about unity and helping others. A sancocho-themed song in Spanish and English is also provided.
Age Groups: Little Kids, Toddlers
Skills: Problem Solving
Author: Written by John J. McLaughlin and illustrated by Ruddy Nuñez

Discussion Questions

  • What problem does the community face in the story?
  • How do they work together to solve the problem?
  • Can you think of problems members of OUR community could solve by working together?
  • If you lived in the neighborhood where the book took place, what would YOU have added to the soup?