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Hungry Puppet

Hungry Puppet (for little kids)

Age Groups: Little Kids
Skills: Expression, Flexible Thinking


  • Puppet or sock, toys


  • I put a sock on my hand — now it’s a puppet!
  • My puppet is hungry!
  • Try to feed my puppet a toy. The puppet says, “I don’t like that!” This puppet has a secret: it only likes to eat certain things like toys that are the same color or toys with wheels.
  • Try to figure out what my puppet likes to eat. The puppet will guide you by saying, “I don’t like that”” or “I DO like that!"
  • When you figure out what the puppet likes (and the puppet is full), let’s switch roles: I’ll feed the puppet and you can say, “I don’t like that” or “I do like that."


Like - to enjoy or prefer
Problem - a difficult situation
Help - to aid or assist to help someone else