Big Heart World's Loads of Summer Love

Loads of Summer Love: Breathing

We hope Loads of Summer Love, created in partnership with Too Small to Fail and the Laundry Cares Foundation, will help parents and caregivers turn laundry time into learning time, helping kids grow big hearts while helping at the laundromat!

Explore Big Heart World to learn more about how to help children grow big hearts and develop social and emotional skills this summer. You’ll find: 

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Grow Big Hearts With Noggin's Big Heart Beats Album

Feel So Good
Listen to "Like Nobody Else"
How You Feel
Listen to "How You Feel"
"Celebrate Our Difference"
Listen to "Celebrate Our Difference"

Big Heart World's Loads of Summer Love Activities

Mindful Laundry

Load it in, and breathe it out!  Countdown from 10! Slowly breathe in and out on each number of the countdown. 

Why: This helps children to calm their bodies and minds!

Laundry Moves

Make up a fun laundry dance together with 3 or 4 unique moves (clapping, jumping, stomping, wiggling, etc.).

Why: Learning to collaborate helps kids build strong relationships, and dancing builds big muscles!

Helper Handshake

Practice the laundry handshake! Make up a secret helper handshake with your little laundry helper. Use it when you do laundry and help each other. 

Why: Kids feel great when you recognize how much they’ve helped, and it makes them want to help even more!

Feelings Charades

Play feelings charades! Take turns making facial expressions for different feelings or using a sock on your hand as a puppet. Try to guess the feeling! 

Why: Learning to name feelings allows children to talk about and manage their emotions.

Laundry Selfies

Take smiley selfies as you do the laundry and send them to people you love to make them smile.

Why: Doing kind things for others helps kids build empathy.

Color Together to Grow Big Hearts

"Celebrate Our Difference" Lyric Coloring Book
“How You Feel” Lyric Coloring Book
How You Feel Coloring Book
“Celebrate Our Difference” Lyric Coloring Book
All About Me Coloring Book
My Big Heart: A Creative Coloring Book That’s All About Me

Play Together to Learn About Social and Emotional Skills

¡Hola! Bonjour! Jambo! Hello!
Hola! Bonjour! Jambo! Hello! Practice saying "Hi" in different languages to understand others.
Hi Baby
Getting To Know You: Teach babies up to big kids to explore similarities and differences.
Community Colors
Community Colors: What Colors Are Our Skin? Join our Community Colors Project.

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